Daihatsu Cast Sport

Daihatsu Cast Sport Review: “Has distinctly comfortable speed & extremely opposite performance with the Alto Turbo RS” by Hajime Aida

The Daihatsu Cast is a new concept vehicle with three variants for unique customers. Compared to the SUV-like Cast Activa, which was launched first, and the luxurious Cast Style, the Cast Sport was developed to have a sporty performance. I compared its performance with the Alto Turbo RS.

The exterior of the Cast Sport gave me a different impression than the other two variants. I had expectations for its running performance based on that. It has aero headlights with LED daylight lamps and a front grille with dark plating that emphasizes toughness. The red accent embellished in its C Pillars, door mirrors, and aero bumper was designed for better performance. I guess it’s okay to say that it thoroughly follows a sporty performance with its running performance and appearance through its exclusive suspension and tires that cover the 16-inch wheels.

I felt more of its high quality when I sat on the driver’s seat. Its seats have enough size, and its pleasantness steadily supports its body. Its dashboard is embellished with a red matted panel that matches its exterior to highlight its high quality and sportiness. This interior craftsmanship is of high quality style that would not make you think of it as a kei car. In terms of sporty kei cars, the Suzuki Alto Turbo RS may be its related rival, but it obviously follows a different trend compared to the Alto Turbo RS, which follows sportiness despite its simple craftsmanship.

I also have a different impression towards its performance. The Alto Turbo RS has direct performance as it uses a 5-speed AGS. On the contrary, the Cast Sport makes you feel its powerful performance that is unique to turbo engines despite its smoothness that is brought about by its CVT. Particularly, the lightweight body of the Alto Turbo RS is obviously superior in terms of absolute speed. However, its 5-speed AGS has consequent rest when shifting gears, and it has relatively extreme noise while running. The Cast Sport has little road noise, and it means that this car is in a totally different position.

Nevertheless, the Cast Sport had just enough quickness when I drove it in town areas. I was particularly impressed about the extremely low time lag in its paddle shifter. Even though I drove it in high speed at one corner, it shifted in one moment through that operation. It was stable during cornering, so it made me not think that the car is about 1,600mm high. In other words, when it comes to kei cars that pleasantly run fast, I will place the Cast Sport on a higher rank.

Just like the other Cast variants, it is equipped with an anti-glare rearview mirror, and it can also be equipped with a Warm Pack as an option. Even though it’s a 2WD model, its driver seat is outfitted with a seat heater and both sides of the door mirror also have heaters, but the lower part of its front window is also equipped with a de-icer. Moreover, its rear part is also equipped with a duct heater. You can absolutely have this equipment for 20,000 yen (available in 2WD version + separate tax).

As a person gets older, he has resistance in choosing a car that only pursues high speed. I want to have a car that has pleasantness and high quality that would suit my age. I can say that the Cast Sport is certainly one of those suitable cars for me.

â–  5 Star Rating
Packaging: ★★★★
Interior / Comfort: ★★★★★
Power Source: ★★★★
Footwork: ★★★★
Recommendation: ★★★★★

Hajime Aida | AJAJ Member
Born in 1956 in Ibaraki Prefecture. Graduated from the School of Political Science and Economics in Meiji University. After graduating from the university, he became a member of an automotive journal and started working freelance in 1986. He expanded his writing profession particularly to car navigation and ITS fields, as well as writing reviews about new cars. He contributes write-ups with substantial advice about purchasing cars.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)