Toyota Hilux Revo TRD Concept (2015 Thailand International Motor Expo)

2015 Thailand International Motor Expo: Photo Feature – Toyota Hilux Revo TRD Concept

Thailand is a major market for pickup trucks and a market wherein customization culture is ubiquitous. At the 2015 Thailand International Motor Expo, Toyota showcased the impressive-looking Hilux Revo, its #1 selling pickup truck, that has been customized by TRD.

The Hilux Revo, which is in its eighth generation, was presented at Thailand in May 2015 and made available for purchase. Since its introduction in 1968, it has cumulatively sold more than 16 million units across not less than 180 countries/regions in the world. In addition, it is a top seller car model, selling more than 9000 units a month now in Thailand, which is a major market for 1t pickup trucks.

The new model adopted the new development of the frame of an enlarged cross-section of the frame side rails to improve its robustness and safety. The leaf spring and shock absorption were improved to enhance the shock absorbing and vibration damping, thereby realizing a higher running power and a supple ride.

Though it is a new model which features a strong and uplifting design, this individuality is further deepened in the exhibited TRD version this time. It has a large opening of a black grille, black aluminum, sporty tonneau cover in the large spoiler, and a bold exterior that is by no means inferior to an American sports truck.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)