Lexus GS F

Photo Feature: Lexus GS F, a high-performance four-door sport sedan

On November 26, Lexus released its latest high performance sedan, the GS F priced at 11 million yen.

With the same 5.0-liter V8 engine as the RC F equipped on its sedan body, Lexus is targeting a larger group of consumers with the GS F. The exterior measures at 4,915 x 1,855 x 1,440mm (length x width x height). The cargo weight is 1,830kg, which is 40kg heavier than the RC F. The 477ps and 54.0kgm of engine power remains the same, along with its 8-speed SPDS transmission.

It features Lexus’ Active Sound Control (ASC) system, which creates a more dynamic sound of the air intake as well as the engine through its speakers in the cabin by synthesizing the original sound with acoustic design. In addition, the Lexus GS F offers four different driving modes (ECO, NORMAL, SPORT S, SPORT S+), which adjusts the center meter display according to the selected driving mode. Drivers can enjoy a sharper and highly responsive ride by selecting a sportier mode.