Mitsubishi Delica D:5 Roadest D-Power Package

Mitsubishi to release updated Delica D:5 and special winter model

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has updated its Delica D:5 minivan and established a clean diesel engine model for the customized Roadest. These models will be released on December 17.

For this minor upgrade, Mitsubishi has offered more convenience for the Delica D:5 by featuring a one-touch switch to open/close the automatic sliding door. Moreover, for the eight-passenger customized Roadest, Mitsubishi has established three trims including the new clean diesel equipped Roadest D-Power Package (4WD) and the G-Power Package (2WD/4WD) gasoline model.

The price ranges from 2,408,400 yen to 4,055,400 yen.

On December 17, Mitsubishi will also release its Chamonix, an exclusive winter model. Based on the clean diesel equipped D-Power Package (eight-passenger), the Chamonix features power seating for the driver’s seat, remote-controlled retractable side mirrors w/ blinkers, a wood-grained and leather-wrapped steering wheel, and wood grain trims on each panel.

The Chamonix comes available in a couple of two-tone colors and monotone variations. The price ranges from 3,611,520 yen to 3,788,640 yen.