Toyota Prius Prototype (four-wheel drive specification)

Photo Feature: All-new Toyota Prius to get its first 4WD model mounted with safety equipment

The all-new Toyota Prius is the fourth generation model. Its prototype model will be featured here through photos. Along with the remodeling, the all-new Prius will adopt the E-four all-wheel drive system for the first time.

The E-Four runs automatically; once it takes control, one will be able to discover the necessity of the four-wheel drive. It is based on the package of the 2WD model. The system, which had been downsized, is placed at the back of the car, thereby reducing the effect it had to the luggage and passenger’s space.

It adopts the advanced safety technologies collision avoidance support package Toyota Safety Sense P and the ITS Connect. This will be the first Toyota vehicle to adopt the Safety Sense P package that includes four advanced safety technologies using millimeter-wave radars and monocular cameras. These technologies include the pre-collision system, which detects both cars and pedestrians, and the all-speed tracking function with radar cruise control.

(Translated by Charmaine Apple Silagan)