N-Box G L Package (right), N-Box Custom G L Package (left)

Honda gives N-Box UV and IR cut glass as standard feature

Honda started sales of the updated N-Box and N-Box + kei car November 20.

For the updated version of the N-Box, all models except for the C and G come with the 360°Super UV IR Cut Package as a standard feature. The updated N-Box is the world’s first model to use single-pane glass. Its glass cuts UV rays about 99% and reduces the IR rays caused by excessive heat.

It’s also the first to include the Special Package for Navigation + On-Board ETC (Navigation Version). All models come with this package as a standard feature except for the N-Box C, N-Box G and N-Box + G.

The C grade is a basic, low-priced package with hand-picked features like VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist System) Emergency Top Signal, Hill Start Assist, and fully automatic air conditioning.

There are two new body colors, Premium Ivory Pearl and British Green Pearl. They’ve also added two two-tone versions, Premium Ivory Pearl & Brown, and British Green Pearl & Silver.

The N-Box is 1,198,000 to 1,659,400 yen. The N-Box + is 1,340,000 to 1,729,400 yen.

(Translated by Greg Scott)