Scion C-HR Concept (2015 Los Angeles Auto Show)

2015 Los Angeles Auto Show: Toyota to release C-HR Concept under Scion brand in the US

On November 18, Scion unveiled its C-HR Concept at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show in the US.

This prototype is the five-door Scion version of the Toyota C-HR Concept that was unveiled in September at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. Toyota is planning to release a production model for the C-HR in the near future.

Based on a design inspired by diamonds, the Toyota C-HR Concept features a daring combination of power and agility in its styling. It offers a unique appearance through Toyota’s exclusive design featuring the Keen Look and its Under Priority elements.

Recently, Scion has expanded its lineup with the five-door iM hatchback (the Toyota Auris) and the four-door iA sedan (Scion’s version of the Mazda Demio sedan). The recently launched C-HR Concept is a preview of Scion’s third model to be added to its expanding lineup.

This next-generation compact crossover will be released under the Scion brand in the US.