All-new Honda Civic Coupe

2015 Los Angeles Auto Show: Honda unveils all-new Civic Coupe mounted with new-generation 1.5 turbocharged engine

Honda revealed the outline of the all-new Civic Coupe on November 17. The actual car will be unveiled at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show on November 18 (November 19 in Japan).

In mid-September, Honda world premiered the Civic Sedan in the United States. Following after the four-door sedan variant, the new Civic Coupe will be the second variant of the 10th generation Civic.

Its entire design emulates the Civic Concept, which was displayed at the 2015 New York Auto Show last April. It has much lower roof line than the four-door Sedan; its design emphasizes the dynamism of the car. The distinctive tail lamps produce that coupe-like personal feel.

It has a larger cabin than the previous generation Civic Coupe. Particularly, the backseat legroom is approximately 127mm bigger than the previous generation. The properties of the car were also highly improved through the use of premium materials. The quietness of the car was also enhanced.

There are two gasoline powertrain options available. One of those is the new-generation 1.5L inline four-cylinder turbo engine, which is also mounted to the four-door sedan. It generates a maximum output and maximum torque of 174hp and 22.4kgm respectively. Compared to the previous generation’s 1.8L naturally aspirated engine, its output and torque have been raised by 31hp and 4.5kgm respectively.

(Translated by Charmaine Apple Silagan)