Mitsubishi Electric EMIRAI3 xDAS (2015 Tokyo Motor Show)

2015 Tokyo Motor Show: Photo Feature – Mitsubishi Electric introduces EMIRAI 3 xDAS assisted-driving concept car

Mitsubishi Electric exhibited the concept car EMIRAI 3 xDAS which is equipped with next-generation driving-assistance technology at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show.

The EMIRAI 3 xDAS is an assisted-driving concept car developed from the EMIRAI 2 xDAS’s concept “Car harmonizes with person,” which was presented at the previous Tokyo Motor Show.

It is mounted with a newly developed human-machine interface (HMI) technology. The speedometer and center display uses multi-bonding display, which is a laminated multiple liquid crystal panel, materializing high visibility and operability.

Additionally, the comfort and safety of driving were improved through the “3D-HUD” which is a new development that provides three-dimensional images of objects up to more than 10 meters away, and the “Eye-movement reduction HMI” that reduces necessary eye movements through its overwrite input function and by allowing in-vehicle equipment operation without having to look at the hand during driving.

In addition, it will support a safe and comfortable driving by using a cloud-based application with telematics technology, which includes the driver sensing technology that comprehends the driver’s driving situations with the use of a car camera or a non-contact heartbeat detector, and the road lighting with lighting control technology that notifies other vehicles and pedestrians of the driver’s actions.

(Translated by Kimberlee Estampa)