Suzuki Baleno (2015 Tokyo Motor Show)

2015 Tokyo Motor Show: Photo Feature – Suzuki Baleno to provide spacious room in lightweight body on par with kei car

The Suzuki Baleno adopts the ultra-lightweight next-generation platform that was also used by the all-new Alto. This is the first time that this platform has been used in a B Segment car. With its 865kg curb weight, it is approximately 100kg lighter than the most basic MT model of the Swift.

Its powertrain is composed of a newly developed one-liter direct-injection turbo, a Boosterjet engine, and a 1.2 liter dualjet engine. The Boosterjet has high torque through the high output from the supercharger, and improves fuel consumption ability through downsizing. Mated to a newly developed 6AT, it has excellent fuel consumption.

The exterior has a “Liquid Flow” theme that represents an image that unleashes condensed energy forward, and it has a low, wide, powerful, and elegant styling.

The interior is characterized by curving lines, and it’s subjected to a fine silver accent that stands out against the tight black interior in the spacious instrumental panel, which has an accent.

Its overall length, width, and height are 3995mm, 1745mm, and 1470mm respectively.

(Translated by Kimberlee Estampa)