Lexus RC F

Photo Feature: Lexus improves RC F for better comfort and handling

Lexus has made minor changes to its RC F high performance model. The main changes were made to the rear suspension arm and bush in order to improve comfort and handling.

Although no changes were made to the 477ps 5L V8 2UR-GSE engine itself, Lexus added a new process wherein the engine rotation balance is checked for each base after construction. This process further improves the acceleration response.

Among smaller changes, the logo on the brake calipers was changed from “LEXUS” to “F.” The improved model also has specialty orange brake calipers for the F models as an option. The four rear exhaust diffusers have been given a whole new design. For the interior, the aluminum sports pedal and foot rest have been given a more linear design.

(Translated by Greg Scott)