Volk Racing G25 Edge, forged sports wheel prototype

2015 Tokyo Motor Show: Rays’ forged prototype wheel exhibit, spokes’ thickness adds intensity to the car

Rays, a company that manufactures and sells automotive wheels, exhibited the forged sports wheel prototype Volk Racing G25 Edge at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The G25 Edge is the prototype of the 2016 model.

Compared to the regular G25 wheels, this prototype features a sunken concave shape that emphasizes the thickness of the spokes’ cross section. According to Sales and Managing Director Mineyuki Ozeki: “Compared to the previous model, it will be suitable for an SUV, a full-size sedan, and a full-size car, consequently giving it a strong appeal. The spokes’ thickness adds intensity to the car, making it advantageous in terms of the vehicle’s rigidity.”

In addition to the current models of forged and cast wheel, displayed at the booth are reference exhibits of the forged magnesium wheels provisioned to the WEC and the forged aluminum wheels being used in the Super GT. Furthermore, the Volk Racing G50 that was announced this summer is also exhibited. Compared to the G series products that have been developed so far, the slim 5 spoke wheels seize the racing taste and produces a stylish look.

Ozeki said regarding the production version of the G25 Edge: “It is slated to have its debut in next year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, while the delivery might be around spring.”

(Translated by Charmaine Apple Silagan)