Current Mitsubishi Mirage for the US

2015 Los Angeles Auto Show: Mitsubishi to unveil 2017 Mirage

According to Mitsubishi, which is set to unveil the new and improved Outlander Sport RVR at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show, has confirmed that it will bring out another new model at the show.

This is according to the event’s promoters, who revealed that Mitsubishi is planning to make the world premiere of the 2017 Mirage.

The new US Mirage made its debut at the 2013 New York Motor Show in April, 2013. What’s particularly striking about the US version is the engine. Unlike the 1.0L in-line 3-cylinder gasoline engine that Japanese Mirage has, it’s loaded with a 1.2L in-line 3-cylinder gasoline engine with an engine capacity expanded by 200cc. This engine was later used for the Japanese model.

It puts out 74ps/6000rpm and has 10.2kgm of torque. For the transmission, the Japanese version has only CVT. For the US version, buyers can choose between CVT and 5-speed MT.

Mitsubishi plans to debut the new Mirage on November 17, which is opening day for the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show, but specs and details have not been released.

(Translated by Greg Scott)