Ken Okuyama Design Representative Ken Okuyama

2015 Tokyo Motor Show: Ken Okuyama aims to enhance Yanmar brand value through design

Ken Okuyama Design world premiered three sports cars at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. Regardless of that, two Yanmar products designed by Ken Okuyama Design still gave off an impression that does not lose to that of an exotic sports car.

Aside from working as a company director of Yanmar Holdings, Ken Okuyama is also supervising the design of all Yanmar products, such as agricultural machinery. Many people would probably remember the big concept tractor unveiled at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, which gathered a lot of attention.

This time, in the Yanmar Booth, they displayed the huge tractor YT5113 and the rotary type mini-cultivator YK-MR released in May 2015, both of which were based on that design. The YT Series are the flagship models of Yanmar tractor products; thus, aside from its mechanism, they also designed it with a style that would give one the pride of working and driving the tractors.

Yanmar explained, “It has both high interior comfort and pleasant operability. Also, aside from giving the operator happiness in owning a tractor, above anything else, it will also make future agricultural products better.”

For the YK-MR, its special feature is that it flaunts a sharp silhouette and graphics that would befit a cultivator. Currently, it is common that the engines, fuel tanks and the like are individually concealed; however, in this case, these parts are fully covered by the tractor’s body, so it makes for a smart and stylish image. Its wedge-shaped silhouette exterior and graphics were designed with a handle that is extended until the upper back part, and it harmonizes with the sloping lever, enhancing its speed more.

According to Hirotaka Oyama, head of Yanmar Management Planning Unit and Brand Communication Department Corporate Communication Group, Yanmar is currently reforming and reconstructing the product designs, the brand identity, and the corporate identity, and the designs by Ken Okuyama Design has just recently become popular as well.

“We released the YT Series first because we labeled it as our flagship tractor. This time, we will also be exhibiting medium and small tractors with this kind of design, and other products as well,” said Service Chief Toyama. Of course, it would not be exactly the same since it will be optimized and other arrangements will be added; nevertheless, the trend of its concept and styling will remain.

“Rather than tiresomely using it, this would even make you feel better as you use it with pride. Your efficiency would increase as you would now work positively,” he said, not only about the agricultural machinery, but also about all of their products.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)