Hino Ranger car from 2014 Dakar Rally (2015 Tokyo Motor Show)

2015 Tokyo Motor Show: A closer look at the greatness of the Hino Ranger 2014 Dakar Rally car

Hino exhibited the Ranger, which won the 10L-below class during the 2014 Dakar Rally, at their booth. Its impressively gallant form has gained attention at the gallery.

Hino exhibited a fuel-cell bus concept model and huge hybrid trucks in their booth with the theme, “Carry the passion. Deliver dreams.” The Ranger can also be referred to as a dream machine that wholly captured the strong-willed spirit of Hino.

It has so many stickers, and with the upward styling of its vehicle height, it gives off a great impression when you look at it from a distance. Also, when you climb up the Ranger, you can also take a peek of its fully installed cockpit that has a rally computer, among others. Few chosen mechanics from each Hino dealership centers did a demonstration of the equipping of the 150kg tires, and it caught the attention of many attendees.

The new Hino truck, which will be used in the 2016 Dakar Rally in Buenos Aires, Argentina on January 2, 2016, has already departed from the Port of Yokohama. It has a more enhanced engine and suspension, and it succeeded in achieving a 300kg-lighter weight. It is equipped with a 9L engine mated to exhaust parts with new mechanisms.

“As a result of various improvements made to this model last August 2015 in Mongolia, its average speed increased by 10%. We want to achieve seven consecutive wins as well as the highest in overall rank in Dakar Rally,” said Hiromichi Suwa of Hino General Planning Department.

He also added, “We also arranged the trophies that we have won in the past Dakar Rallies in this gallery, because we wanted the viewers to see the strong-willed spirit of Hino.”

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)