Kawasaki's collaboration with two like-minded brands

2015 Tokyo Motor Show: Kawasaki’s collaboration with fashion brand to enrich motorcycle life

At the Kawasaki booth, in collaboration with two like-minded brands, new accessories and hardware have been proposed for the motorcycle life to be more fun and richer.

One is a collaboration jacket produced by the adult quality lifestyle magazine LEON and fashion brand Junhashimoto. This jacket is stylish; it can be used for leisure time as well.

The other one is a bag in collaboration with Japan’s top brand Somes Saddle that manufactures harness for horse racing and horse riding. This handmade bag is carefully made, and owning one enables you to have an exciting and worthwhile time.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. Managing Director and Engine Company President Representative Kenji Tomita said, “We’re pondering on what kind of change riding a motorcycle gives to each person’s lifestyle and what kind of wonder or color it adds to one’s life.”

Tomita added, “From now on, we welcome suggestions to enrich the future of motorcycle life, without being held back by the limits of existing accessories.”

(Translated by Kimberlee Estampa)