Grom 50 Scrambler Concept One (2015 Tokyo Motor Show)

2015 Tokyo Motor Show: Honda Grom 50, a scrambler for young riders

This is the Honda Grom, which is full of lively and personal styling. Since it was released in June 2013, it has adopted an authentic equipment that reminds one of a compact and very manageable huge body, and big sports bikes; it is indeed favorable. This champions the needs of big motorcycle riders, providing them a second bike, and young serious riders as well.

This time, Honda is selling two models in the 125cc class, but Honda exhibited only one type of concept scooter with 50cc in their booth. Honda introduced two units: the Grom 50 Scrambler Concept One and the Grom 50 Scrambler Concept Two

Its air cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder engine is a solid unit that is being adopted in the Honda Super Cub. The Concept One is developed with a simple motorcycle body structure for young serious riders, with the keywords ‘neo retro scrambler.’

It has a nostalgic feel due to some of its materials, such as the fuel tank that has a tank protector and the punching type muffler cover. This coexists with a refreshing feel brought about by its full LCD type digital meter and unique LED headlights that has a Honda logo in its center portion; also, its ring shines bright.

This model allows you to ride it in town while you’re on a casual attire; you can feel its presence even if you just place it at one corner in the garage.

The Concept Two was developed based on the keywords ‘modern scrambler,’ in contrast with the Concept One’s ‘neo retro scrambler.’ Its compact body adopts a new style, and it also incorporates a lightweight, high-rigidity monocoque structure in its rear frame that supports the seat. It has a next generation scrambler style that has a sharp renormalization.

Moreover, its urban-like ambiance is combined with military colors, thus expressing a more masculine aura. The Concept Two gives off an image that one can possibly drive it anywhere whether on-road or off-road.

Honda’s developer in charge personnel asks, “I hope young riders would ride on these motorcycles, and that they would also enjoy customizing it.” Considering its high degree of perfection, he said with confidence, “Both models have similar parts such as their engines and wheels, and they are also cost-efficient.”

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)