Honda Civic Type R Modulo

Photo Feature: All-new Honda Civic Type R – Modulo parts with wheels designed for Super GT, and carbon-made interior & exterior parts

Honda Accessories, which exhibits Honda genuine accessories through the brand Modulo, released all types of accessories for the all-new Civic Type R that will be released on December 7, 2015.

The Civic Type R is a real sports car that has both overwhelming driveability and environmental performance. Modulo enhances its lively styling; its interior and exterior parts were also equipped with real carbon materials that would enhance its sportiness, and accentuate the bright red elements. Specifically, while its tailgate spoiler is a standard equipment as it is, its red side parts and carbon-made spoiler make for a sporty image.

It continues to adopt 19-inch forged aluminum wheels, and it has the same design concept with the racing wheels equipped in the Drago Modulo NSX Concept-GT that is currently participating in the Super GT GT-500 class. Compared to normal casted aluminum wheels, each of those forged wheels weigh lighter with 1.6kg. Its very useful molding makes a very strong impact, yet it gives off a lighter handling.

Its exterior is also equipped with many carbon-made parts. Its tailgate spoiler, tailgate, and bumper embellishments that possess special carbon materials and deep glossy finish enhance its racing image. It adopts a manufacturing method with the use of carbon parts, such as in airplanes and racing machines with autoclave molding that heats up and solidifies through increased pressure. It adopts carbon parts with excellent heat-resistance, strength, and lightness.

Its interior panel also adopts carbon materials. Its steering wheel embellishments and footlights make its cockpit look more exciting.

Moreover, it also adopts the Gathers, an authentic car audio exclusive for Honda. This was incorporated with strict quality basis and advanced functions through the joint development of Honda Accessories and major car audio manufacturers. It was also wrapped up with special parts such as the standard Internavi and a high grade speaker system that make its interior more comfortable.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)