Suzuki Escudo

New Suzuki Escudo: New design based on straight lines

According to Suzuki, the new Escudo’s design is both Escudo-esque and totally new.

Suzuki design division’s Takehito Arai says, “By changing the platform from FR to FF, the dimensions changed. For example, the overhang is longer. We thought that would give it a new and fresh look, while also keeping the Escudo and Suzuki feel.”

Of the original Escudo, Arai says, “Features like the face were very fresh and impressive at the time, but looking at it now, they seem weak.” So, he says, “We brushed up the design to give it a more modern look.”

Arai says the design theme for the new Escudo is, “Based on straight lines.” Based on that approach, he says, “The exterior qualities and the handling have a modern sense of volume.”

About the side’s character line, he says, “As a side icon, it has a blister fender-like appearance.” He says, “This gives it the look of an Escudo even while it has new design features.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)