√ (Root), 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

2015 Tokyo Motor Show: A fusion of motorcycles, bicycles & musical instruments exclusive and unique to Yamaha

Yamaha creates mobility of motorcycles, among others. Aside from that, Yamaha is also known to manufacture musical instruments.

In the Yamaha booth, Yamaha products are resonating altogether, and it gives off an image of an orchestra hall; the mobility equipment and musical instruments were arranged as if they make up an entire musical composition. You can enjoy ‘a world with expanding mobility,’ which is unique to the Yamaha brand as it resounds in the Yamaha booth.

The flowing-like form of the √ (Root) from the seats up to above its tank was designed with a Horse motif. It was developed with the aim of unifying the person, nature, and the vehicle. Since the meter in front of the rider has been removed, the rider becomes more united with the scenery in front of him.

The 0±0 (Zero plus/minus Zero) electric-assisted bicycle is installed with a charging stand, and it can be charged by personally operating its pedal. You can share the charged electricity with your family and you can enjoy battery-operated musical instruments and devices as well. Such electric power supports a positive lifestyle.

The drums named Raijin (God of the Thunder) exceeds and deviates from the usual existing setup, and it pursues an ideal structure that satisfies humans’ expectations with its appearance.

It has a spherical shape, in which you can perform and play the drums powerfully and violently. This gives the performer much more energy. Its amplified sound evokes a vision of the world.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)