Toyota S-FR Concept (2015 Tokyo Motor Show)

2015 Tokyo Motor Show: Show Car Library – Toyota S-FR

The Toyota S-FR is a lightweight sport concept featuring a true FR layout. Just as its name indicates, the engine is in front mid-ship position. It offers enhanced maneuverability for corners as a result of its optimal weight distribution and independent suspension.

The transmission is a six-speed manual system that not only offers enjoyable rides but also comfortable driving at high speeds as well.

Its lightweight and compact body has been trimmed down significantly to improve ease of driving. The S-FR offers the satisfaction of driving at will, the responsiveness as you expect, and the comfort of a FR vehicle in being able to sense and control the vehicle’s movement.

The exterior measures at 3,990 x 1,695 x 1,320mm (length x width x height). The wheelbase is 2,480mm long and the vehicle seats up to four passengers.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)