All-new Nissan Leaf (2015 Tokyo Motor Show)

2015 Tokyo Motor Show: Nissan stresses zero emission & self-driving, unveils the all-new Leaf

Nissan pursued the themes ‘zero emission’ and ‘self-driving technology,’ and unveiled cars that adopts these concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The IDS is a concept car that adopts self-driving technology, and it was actually operated at the press release event venue without a driver. It is not only equipped with the Piloted Drive mode, which completely operates driving automatically, but it is also equipped with the Manual Drive mode that allows the driver to operate the car freely. The IDS is not a ‘dream car’ since Nissan is currently working on the development as they consider adopting the same systems for the release of this concept car in Japan, North America, and other countries, several years from now.

As for the ‘zero emission’ concept, Nissan unveiled the facelifted Leaf, that has an expanded cruising range up to 280km when fully charged. Further, Nissan mainly unveiled the Gripz, a concept car that adopts a hybrid EV system, which became a popular crossover car overseas.

Moreover, Nissan also unveiled the Teatro for Dayz, which was based on the Days, as a subcompact EV. They aim for customers who are part of the ‘share native generation,’ for people who are currently connected to the internet; various images of its contents, including white seats and touchscreen interiors were also exhibited at the event. Each customer’s personality can be expressed by cars.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)