Mitsuoka Ryugi Yamato

Photo Feature: Mitsuoka Ryugi Yamato – A new ‘classic’ option for hybrid cars

Mitsuoka released only 15 units for the special edition of the Ryugi, the Ryugi Yamato, on October 23, 2015. This is the photo feature of the Ryugi Yamato, which was created with classical style, and it overturns the general ‘hybrid = futuristic design’ mindset.

Even though it was based on the Corolla Axio, the theme of this car that challenges the new type of classical hybrids is ‘to awaken the Japanese spirit.’ In order to express the hardness of its front fender and shoulder line, its 4.5mm pinstripes called Silver Liner enhance its side view with its powerful straight lines.

The Ryugi Yamato was inspired by Japanese traditional lacquering, and its interior panel was unified with black color. It also adopts exclusive leather-made seats and arm rests in a bright red color, which is close to vermillion.

Moreover, since it has conspicuous wheels, it adopts 17-inch exclusive gunmetal aluminum wheels, door protection molding with a sharp body like a spear, and a plated mirror cover, which serves as its accent. Its color scheme was set similarly to the colors of armor and helmets in the Sengoku period (Warring States period) so it expresses the beauty of ancient Japan.

Its front grille and trunk are equipped with exclusive emblems made of ink black-cloisonne materials. And as a ‘hidden emblem,’ a logo sticker printed with small ‘Yamato’ characters is also attached above the doorknob near the driver’s seat.

It has two kinds of body color: the Yamato Black (black metallic), and the Yamato White (white pearl). The price of the gasoline version is 3,412,800 yen, while the hybrid version is 3,823,200 yen.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)