Mitsubishi eK Custom

All-new Mitsubishi eK Custom & eK Wagon get new faces and improved safety equipment

The tall kei wagons eK Custom and the eK Wagon have new front faces, improved fuel performance, and functional equipment. Mitsubishi released these models on October 22, 2015.

The eK Custom adopts the new front design concept ‘Dynamic Shield.’ It has a sporty and aggressive design, with the bumper’s center part outfitted in elegant Gloss Black color and LED lights at the lower left and right parts of the bumper.

Aside from having a more sporty image due to the changes in its front bumper’s design and the width of its upper grille, its lower left and right parts were also added with embellishments that makes for a solid appearance. It has a modern and sporty design.

Both cars were equipped with a naturally aspirated (NA) engine that adopts an electric thermostat and a revised CVT system. Therefore, these 2WD-type cars have a better fuel consumption of 30.4km/L (+ 0.4km/L), aside from a guaranteed power performance. It also has a turbo engine-equipped version that adopts an Auto Stop & Go system and newly-equipped assist batteries. It is also set in 2WD version with high fuel efficiency of 26.2km/L (+ 2.8km/L).

As for its functional equipment, its advanced grade G Safety Package, which has safety precautions, is also equipped with the Automatic High Beam. This technology is equipped in a kei car for the first time and it automatically switches from high beam to low beam when it detects a car ahead of you when driving at nighttime. Moreover, it is outfitted with an Auto Light Control and Multi-around Monitor system (with bird’s eyeview function) that makes for a higher safety performance.

The price of the eK Custom ranges from 1,345,680 to 1,707,480 yen, while the eK Wagon’s is from 1,080,000 to 1,586,520 yen.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)