Suzuki Escudo

All-new Suzuki Escudo: A compact SUV for a greater range of uses, costs 2,127,600 yen upwards

Suzuki released the all-new Escudo compact SUV on October 15, 2015.

The all-new Escudo inherited the traditional Suzuki SUV design, such as having a clam shell hood, fender detailing, etc., and aside from that, it also adopts an original exterior that is imbued with a new character with its powerful molding.

Moreover, as for its body size that has great handling, it has an overall length of 4,175mm, overall width of 1,775mm, and overall height of 1,610mm; you wouldn’t get easily tired when driving this car at longer distances, and it guarantees sufficient front seat space. It also has a seating capacity of five passengers, and you can store up to 375L-heavy items in the luggage space.

As for its powertrain, it has a 1.6L DOHC VVT engine that can generate a maximum output of 117ps mated to a newly-developed 6-speed AT equipped with 6-speed manual mode paddle shift. Aside from demonstrating a powerful acceleration performance, it achieves a low fuel consumption of 18.2km/L (in JC08 mode and 2WD).

Moreover, it additionally has a thorough performance, stable suspension, and quality handling. Aside from its steady suspension and smooth handling, it also makes for a strong and stable performance.

As for its safety, it is equipped with standard Radar Brake Support II (RBSII) collision damage reduction system through a milliwave radar. Aside from having an anti-frontal collision function, it also has an extended operating speed limit with automatic brakes, making it have full safety functions.

Moreover, as for its 4WD version, it adopts the Allgrip control system for new generation four-wheeled vehicles. It generates excellent performance in various conditions and this model corresponds to a wide usability, from riding in town to outdoor leisure trips.

The 2WD version costs 2,127,600 yen, while the 4WD version costs 2,343,600.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)