New Prius chief engineer Kouji Toyoshima

New Toyota Prius: Developers say TNGA sets new standard for safety and comfort

Toyota held a press conference to introduce the technology used in the new Prius in Tokyo on October 13. The new Prius is the 4th generation model.

The new Prius’ fuel consumption, which is one of its most impressive features, aims for 40km/L (JC08 Mode). This is a 23% increase over the 3rd generation model, which is rated at 32.6km/L. In addition to the nickel hydride battery, it also has a lithium-ion battery, making it the highest fuel consumption model with a lithium-ion battery.

The new Prius is also the first model to use the new Toyota New Global Architecture development system. The company says that TNGA gave it the lower center of weight and 60% improved body rigidity for a most stable driving performance.

The new Prius’ chief engineer Kouji Toyoshima said, “TNGA is an improvement to our ability to build cars and the new Prius is the first model to benefit from it. We are raising the standard for safety and comfort. That’s Prius’ role.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)