Daihatsu Cast Activa

Photo Feature: Daihatsu Cast Release – The bold and powerfully designed Activa

On September 9, Daihatsu released their all-new Cast mini car featuring a lineup that includes the Activa, Style and Sport trims. Featured here are photos of its Activa crossover model.

With a design based on the all-new Daihatsu Move, the Cast Activa offers curvy lines on the exterior along with its symbolic round headlights for an attractive look that appeals to unlimited tastes.

In addition to its crossover styling, the Activa’s large diameter tires and upgraded suspension generates a ground clearance of 180mm (30mm higher than other grades) offering durable rides on snow and mountain roads. The exterior measures at 3,395 x 1,475 x 1,630mm (length x width x height) and the wheelbase is 2,455mm long.

It also inherits the light and highly rigid body, low fuel consumption, and safety engineering of the all-new Move. Along with its stable handling and low fuel consumption of 30km/liter (2WD/JC08 mode), the Activa offers enhanced security and safety performance through its Smart Assist II crash avoidance assistance system.

The Daihatsu Cast Activa is priced from 1,220,400 yen to 1,647,000 yen.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)