Toyota Kirobo Mini

Toyota debuts its palm-sized communication robot Kirobo Mini

Toyota Motor Corporation will conduct a world premiere for Kirobo Mini, its communication robot, at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. Kirobo Mini, a palm-sized version of the popular robot astronaut Kirobo, was created to accompany its owner everywhere.

Toyota aims for Kirobo Mini to accompany its owners and have their hearts moved by it. Despite it having a form different from a car, Kirobo Mini will communicate with its owner through expressions and gestures. Little by little, its relationship with its owner will grow, becoming a partner and not just his company.

A Toyota representative said: “Kirobo, which measures 34cm in height, is a bit big to accompany its owner everywhere. Hence, we created Kirobo Mini, which measures 10cm sitting down, to fit the customer’s palm, allowing it to always be by the customer’s side as a communication partner.”

While Kirobo stands on its own feet, Kirobo Mini will always be seated. The representative continued: “It uses the same artificial intelligence as Kirobo. Its freedom of movement has been reduced because of its small size, but it has the necessary elements needed for communication.”

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)