Toyota FCV Plus

2015 Tokyo Motor Show: Toyota to present “ene-car” FCV Plus for the hydrogen fuel future

On October 8, Toyota unveiled the contents of its Toyota Grand exhibition for the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. One of the three models it will unveil is the FCV Plus, an FCV car for the hydrogen fuel future.

Through this concept model, product planning chief Takeo Moriai says, “We want to convey that the possibility of a hydrogen fuel society and cars like this is just decades away.” He indicated that progress is rapidly moving forward toward local production for hydrogen fuel as an alternative energy source for FCVs. The concept offers a look at what an FCV in this hydrogen fuel society might look like.

Rather than simply an “eco-car” that uses renewable energy, it would be an “ene-car” that actually produces its own energy supply. There are three roles in this concept. The first is “to make.” Drivers would be able to generate their own power for the FCV through their homes or facilities at their destinations. Rather than simply being equipped with a hydrogen tank, the vehicle could get hydrogen from places where it’s stored in different areas, offering flexibility.

The second is “to give.” When parked or not in use, an FCV could give its stored power supply to another vehicle. The under part of the FCV would have contactless power supply equipment. The third is “to continue.” Spent fuel cells could be used again as a power supply. New mechanisms the FCV could use include in-wheel motors for all four wheels to allow more freedom and flexibility for design.

(Translated by Greg Scott)