Toyota S-FR

2015 Tokyo Motor Show: Toyota to launch S-FR Concept compact FR sports car

On October 8, Toyota Motor Corporation announced its exhibit outline for the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. One of the three models they’ll be unveiling is the S-FR Concept entry-level sports car.

With a slightly longer length than the Vitz at 3,990mm and a compact width of 1,695mm, the S-FR Concept inherits Toyota’s genes of lightweight sports cars. Though its engine capacity has yet to be revealed, the S-FR sports a front mid-ship layout and six-speed manual transmission. It also features a FR (front engine, rear-wheel drive) system and seats up to four passengers.

According to Mr. Kazuo Mori, chief engineer of the sports car division, “Designs for the S-FR began with our desire to build a car that we liked. We wanted to create a sports car that our customers can enjoy using everyday and interact with.” Mr. Mori added that he hopes to get tons of feedback at the Tokyo Motor Show in order to develop this prototype.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)