Mitsubishi eX Concept

2015 Tokyo Motor Show: Mitsubishi eX Concept fitted with next-gen EV system to make world debut

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation will conduct a world premiere of the eX Concept, a compact SUV powered by the next-generation EV system, at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 to be held from October 30 to November 8.

The eX Concept is an electric-powered compact SUV Mitsubishi is proposing to the SUV market. It adopts electric-powered technologies and all-wheel control technologies combined with automated driving technologies, connected car technologies, and active safety technologies. Its design suggests a compact SUV that has the elegance of a “shooting brake” and a coupe. Hence, it evokes an image of a sporty crossover that dashes briskly onto the city streets.

Meanwhile, in the Outlander PHEV area, a model Outlander PHEV chassis will be exhibited to demonstrate the technical features of the PHEV and the twin motor 4WD systems. The exhibit will also include a diorama of a virtual community that uses V2X systems, which supply electric power from the drive battery to home and others. This will clearly put on view the possibilities of electric-powered vehicles.

Furthermore, the Baja Portalegre 500 Outlander PHEV cross-country rally car and the custom-wrapped i-MiEV will be exhibited in the panel display that commemorates and introduces Mitsubishi’s 50 years of research and development in the field of electric vehicles EV development. Joining them will be models that have eco-friendly technologies, such as those equipped with clean diesel engines and kei cars.

At the Smart Mobility City, an organizer-themed project being staged alongside the Tokyo Motor Show, an Outlander PHEV will be linked to a V2H system to reproduce the flow of energy in a home in a day. This will show the value of an EV when stationary.

The Smart Mobility City will also host the “Automated Driving Demonstration (advanced driver assistance systems)” where an Outlander PHEV test car, jointly developed by Mitsubishi Motors and Mitsubishi Electric, will be exhibited. This test ride program allows visitors to experience the following: the driverless traffic jam navigation that maintains space between slow moving vehicles in congested traffic, using ultrasonic sensors to detect the preceding vehicle; and the automated remote parking that detects parked obstacles and parking spaces.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)