Subaru VIZIV Future Concept

2015 Tokyo Motor Show: the evolution of Subaru VIZIV Future Concept

Fuji Heavy Industries will hold a world premiere for the Subaru VIZIV Future Concept at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 from October 30 to November 8.

The VIZIV Future Concept is an SUV-type concept model that embodies Subaru’s future vision in manufacturing reserved and enjoyable cars. In addition to its active design and packaging, it envisions next generation technology that creates a calm and enjoyable driving experience such as advanced driving technology that was developed from the EyeSight, power units that have a combined downsized turbo and hybrid system.

Its design concept is “Subaru & Active Life.” The VIZIV Future Concept is embodied with Subaru’s dynamic and solid design philosophy, and you can understand its calm and enjoyable value at one glance. Further, it expresses a design that makes you feel excited and want to actively go out somewhere else.

As an advanced technology, Subaru expanded the range for calm and enjoyable driving through the incorporation of connecting technologies such as the improved Subaru’s EyeSight stereo camera technology and V2X technology (car-to-car & road-to-vehicle communications, and telematics. They have incorporated an underlying technology towards the realization of a Subaru-esque auto driving.

As for its power unit, together with the adoption of a next generation hybrid system, which fully improves the XV Hybrid system introduced in the market, Subaru also equipped a more developed downsized turbo, which was first adopted in the Levorg among Subaru cars. The enjoyable riding and fuel efficiency, which Subaru is particular about, have achieved a high degree of unity.

Moreover, even though the VIZIV Future Concept is a 4WD car, it will have no propeller shaft due to the compact arrangement of its single motor on top of its rear axle cable. It also has flat flooring.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)