Daihatsu Tempo

2015 Tokyo Motor Show: Daihatsu Tempo Concept proposes a new genre of commercial car with a space system

In addition to 10 production cars, Daihatsu Motor Company will be conducting a world premiere of its four concept cars at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show. One of these is the Tempo, a concept vehicle with a new form that utilizes the full potential of the front-wheel drive platform to have a kei commercial vehicle with a space system.

This is a proposal for a mobile catering vehicle that showcases the highly configurable interior of a front-wheel drive vehicle. Daihatsu is aiming to create a new market of commercial vehicles by utilizing the typical features of a front-wheel drive car, such as the ease of driving and the ease of ingress/egress.

The Tempo adopts a gull-wing door with LED on the passenger side of the car. Meanwhile, both sides of the Tempo has a digital signage that can also be used as a shop sign.

Based on this year’s Tokyo Motor Show theme, “Your heart will race,” Daihatsu created the theme, “Possible! Do the things you can in the near future with Daihatsu,” which suggests that the kei cars being used daily by people will be improved further, adding enjoyment and pleasure to its users, and that the craftsmanship of the cars that they will be exhibiting at the show will make the passengers smile.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)