Subaru Forester X-Break

2015 Tokyo Motor Show: Updated Subaru Forester gets the Adaptive Driving Beam headlights for the first time

Fuji Heavy Industries revealed the full model update of the Subaru Forester on its exclusive site on October 6, and officially announced that it will be exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show Press Day on October 28, 2015.

The safety performance of this facelifted model was enhanced. It adopts advanced safety equipment such as the Advanced Safety Package, which adopts the EyeSight (ver.3) including a headlamp that adopts an Active Driving Beam, Subaru’s first LED high & low beam lamp and headlamp for steering operation, giving it a more refined safety performance.

As for its exterior, its front face was also remodeled. Its headlamps, front grille, and front bumpers that emphasize its identity as a Subaru car make it look wide, and it was wrapped up with a design that gives it a reliable look.

As for its interior part, its instrument panel was toned with silver & piano-black color combination, giving it a higher quality in terms of the material. It adopts a color LCD type multi information display on the center of its meter panel, and with the EyeSight and SI-Drive operations, it displays a more comprehensible necessary information while driving.

Its steering gear box adopted a new design. Because of its quick shifting gears, it has a more responsive steering along with a better handling. Also, because of the damping force of the shock absorber and optimization of the coil spring, a flexible and calm riding feel was materialized.

Moreover, to provide a more pleasant cabin space, its door glass was made thicker, its sealants were made stronger, its lineartronic function and its quietness have been improved.

Its price ranges from 2,149,200 to 3,127,760 yen.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)