Modellista Cross Fielder

Modellista Cross Fielder Release: A Corolla-based complete car

Toyota Modellista International released the complete version of the Corolla Fielder in all Toyota Corolla dealerships in Japan on October 1, 2015.

The Cross Fielder is a model that was finished with an active crossover style of the Corolla Fielder refined to suit the urban trend. Its front spoiler and rear skirt was designed in skid plate motif, and its fenders were garnished to make it look more protective. Moreover, it is outfitted with X-Claw wheels that has a rugged-type original design, creating a tough-looking exterior.

Also, its interior was made uniformly black in color to make it look like a professional sports gear. Its piano-black panel, leather steering wheel with stitch accent, and black trims on its pillar and ceiling give it a sporty look.

It costs from 2,171,782 to 2,530,145 yen.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)