Modellista Aero Kit (Royal)

All-new Toyota Crown: The Athlete is urban-esque & the Royal is splendid, Modellista customized parts

Toyota Modellista International applied minor changes to Toyota Crown, and also added the Athlete and the Royal customized parts in the line up, which were released on October 1.

With the “urban lighting” concept, the Athlete was designed with overflowing sportiness advancing with urban-esque style through the modellista Aero Kit (wing type). It was also equipped with Fog Bezel Garnish that expresses toughness on its front face.

As for the Royal, it was set with a Modellista Aero Kit (wing type) that expresses a magnificent and overflowing sophistication with the concept “grand elegance.”

Aside from that, it was also outfitted with mirror garnish (chrome plating), fender garnish (chrome plating & carbon), and 19-inch aluminum wheel and tire set (with locknut).

(Translated by Clare Marie Sausora)