All-new Toyota Crown Product Launch

All-new Toyota Crown: We intentionally gave it a major mid-cycle update, says Senior Managing Officer Yoshida

Toyota Motor Corporation launched the all-new Crown on October 1. In addition to adopting the world’s first safety package that uses the standardized ITS frequency, the all-new Crown features changes to its exterior design and a newly added two-liter direct-injection turbo engine.

At the product launch event held on that same day in Tokyo, Toyota Motor Corporation Senior Managing Officer answered in response to an on-the-spot interview by the media, stating the context of the updates made this time, “We cherish the Crown because it is a car that represents Japan; hence, we intentionally gave it a major mid-cycle update.”

He continued: “Lexus is also getting stronger, and it could possibly be because it is a very strong European brand. In that context, the Crown is a luxury car for our Japanese customers. We put our efforts into this mid-cycle update to further strengthen the Crown’s position in the market.”

Yoshida added further: “We have hopes for the Crown Athlete. We updated it based on the feedback we received from the dealers and actual Crown users. Hence, younger Crown users will find that the performance of the two-liter engine and the athletic design will offer better ride feel than the conventional Crown.”

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)