Suzuki Ignis

2015 Tokyo Motor Show: Suzuki Ignis, a compact crossover for any condition

The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show will feature an exhibit of the Suzuki Ignis concept. This compact crossover offers a slightly higher eye point and plenty of road clearance for daily convenience. It’s also great for outdoor trips on the weekends as it provides stable rides on snowy and rough conditions.

“The Ignis is our newest compact model established by Suzuki’s new genre that began with the Hustler”, said Saori Nagae of Suzuki’s product planning department.

The exterior combines a “simple yet impressive design with Suzuki’s DNA on its clean body for a crossover like never before.”

The Ignis features large diameter 16-inch tires, 180mm of high clearance, seating height that offers excellent view, grip control for 4WD, and hill descent control.

Ms. Nagae explained, “The interior features a simple design with contrasting colors. The audio system, meter, and air conditioning panels have been independently designed for enhanced innovativeness.”

The power unit is a 1.2-liter dual jet engine and mild hybrid system.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)