Honda's all-new FCV

2015 Tokyo Motor Show: Honda’s new fuel cell vehicle offers over 700km of cruising range

On September 30, Honda announced its overview of exhibits for the upcoming 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, which includes the unveiling of their soon-to-be-released all-new fuel cell vehicle (FCV)

Though it’s the same sedan as the FCX Clarity, this new model offers a spacious interior, as it becomes the first production model FCV to mount its fuel cell stack under the hood. It seats up to five passengers, which tops the four-passenger limit of the Clarity and Toyota’s Mirai.

The FC stack has been enhanced to provide over 700km of cruising range (JC08 mode) after refueling in about three minutes. This exceeds the Mirai’s 650km. Though its cruising range is currently being examined, Honda’s PR department expects their new FCV to offer “an impressive number that surpasses 700km”.

Honda’s President Takahiro Hachigo is scheduled to announce the name, release date, prices, and performance of this all-new FCV on October 28, the first press day of the Tokyo Motor Show.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)