Dongfeng Honda Greiz

Dongfeng Honda unveils Greiz with its own unique design

On September 23, Dongfeng Honda unveiled the new Greiz in China.

The Greiz is the company’s flagship compact sedan in the Chinese market. It will go on sale November 7 local time at a base price of about 80,000 RMB.

Dongfeng Honda is one of Honda’s joint partnerships in China. The other is Guangqi Honda with the Guangqi Group. Through Guangqi Honda, the company released the City compact sedan, which has earned an excellent reputation among consumers. The new Greiz is the Dongfeng Honda version of the City.

To differentiate it from the City, the Greiz has some unique design features. The front’s headlights, grille and bumper all have their own design. For the rear, the trunk has a different design from that of the City.

The power train is the same as that of the City. It’s a direct injection 1.5L in-line 4-cylinder gasoline engine with CVT. Dongfeng Honda says, “The Greiz is the turning over of a new leaf for us.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)