The all-new Toyota Prius (2015 Frankfurt Motor Show)

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show: Show Car Library – The all-new Toyota Prius unveiled in Europe

Toyota’s next-generation hybrid system on its all-new Prius was developed to offer better control and drivability. This hybrid unit is lighter and more compact than its current model and reflects the technological advancements of its battery, motor and gasoline engine.

Instead of a lithium-ion battery, the new Prius has inherited its nickel-metal hydride battery from the current model. However, by enhancing its energy density, it can obtain more electricity than a battery of the same size and weight.

Moreover, the motor has been downsized for the new Prius as well. The gasoline engine’s thermal efficiency has been enhanced from the 38.5% of the current model to over 40%, the highest in the world. As a result, Toyota has stated that they are targeting an 18% improvement in fuel efficiency from the current Prius for their European model.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)