Mazda Roadster NR-A

Mazda to release base models of Roadster and Demio for motorsports

Mazda has established base models of their Roadster and Demio for use in motorsports, and will be released on October 15 and 22, respectively.

The Roadster NR-A features height-adjustable Bilstein dampers for drives on circuits and exclusive races. It’s also equipped with an enlarged radiator and larger brakes for improved cooling and durability.

The Demio 15MB is loaded with a 1.5-liter SKYACTIV-G1.5 gasoline engine for Gymkhana and Dirt Trial races. It features a 4-2-1 exhaust system that offers powerful torque and exceptional performance. In addition, the Demio 15MB comes with a 6-speed SKYACTIV-MT system and large brakes to freely operate in motorsport races.

The Roadster NR-A is priced at 2,646,000 yen, the Demio 15MB at 1,501,200 yen, and the Demio 15MB Utility Package at 1,566,000 yen. All models can be driven on public roads.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)