Yamaha Motor Company MC Headquarters Product Planning Group Chief Ken Higuchi at the test driving session for the media

Yamaha MT-03/MT-25: You definitely won’t lose to rivals with its acceleration when cruising the highway

The MT-03 and the MT-05 will be launched on October 10, 2015. According to Chief Ken Higuchi of Yamaha Motor Company MC Headquarters Product Planning Group, they will also release this model in emerging countries.

Majority of the market is comprised of models with small engine displacement, but recently, the 250cc class models are currently in demand, same as the top model. Yamaha considers it affordable and admired by car users in emerging countries and views it as the leading brand in those areas.

On the other hand, the new class of the 250cc and 320cc models are targeted towards Japan, Europe and North America. Higuchi stated their aim, “First-time buyers often simply lean towards gaining experience. With one model and concept, we want to respond to the demands of our customers from two markets (the emerging nations and advanced countries).”

Also, regarding the appealing features of the MT Series, he said, “Its engine has an emotive yet vivid torque characteristic. With its pleasant yet agile handling that you can enjoy, this roadster can take the lead amidst a busy, traffic suburb as you can enjoy its handling to the fullest.”

As for their main target, they assumed, “New customers on their 30’s selecting their first or second motorcycles. Or 40-year-old riders who’s finally found their free time after a long while.”

Higuchi pointed out that the points that make it appealing in terms of sales are enjoyableness in town areas, its design that makes you feel its quickness, agility and presence, its convenience for travel to work or school, and an experience and easy handling regardless of the physique of the user. He said with confidence, “An exceedingly great acceleration when driving on highways where there’s plenty of clearance makes it part of the top class.”

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)