Suzuki Vitara S at 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show: Suzuki adds new 1.4L turbo S luxury grade to Vitara

Suzuki brought out the new Vitara S at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, which opened its doors September 15.

The new Vitara was first unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in fall 2014. The name Vitara was used in Europe for the first Escudo when it was introduced there in 1988. The Vitara is a compact, stylish SUV that’s now making a comeback in Europe.

The engine for the European model is a 1.6L in-line 4-cylinder engine that’s both gasoline and diesel. With gasoline, it puts out 120ps and produces 15.9kgm of torque. Turbo diesel produces 120ps and 32.6kgm of torque. There’s 5-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmission for gasoline and 6-speed manual for diesel.

The S Grade is a newly added luxury grade that made its debut a year ago. The Vitara S has a direct injection 1.4L gasoline turbo Boosterjet engine for enhanced performance. It has the same 5-slot front grille as its predecessor concept car, the iV-4.

Features include LED headlights, leather and suede seats, Radar Brake Support, and Adaptive Cruise Control. It has red accents. Including Two-Tone, there are 7 body colors.

The Infotainment system has been improved. It’s the first Suzuki model that can use Apple CarPlay.

(Translated by Greg Scott)