Honda Grace

Honda updates Grace Hybrid with auto-retractable mirrors

On September 18, Honda Motor Company will release its updated Grace Hybrid Sedan featuring auto-retractable side mirrors and a new exterior color.

For this minor upgrade, Honda has established auto-retractable side mirrors that opens and closes automatically as the doors are locked/unlocked. This feature comes standardized on its LX gasoline trim as well as all hybrid models.

In addition, the LX and EX hybrids are standardized with Honda’s Navi Special Package. The Premium Crystal Red Metallic body color that was only available for the LX gasoline trim has been expanded for the LX and EX hybrids as well.

The Honda Grace Hybrid Sedan is priced from 1,950,000 yen to 2,382,000 yen.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)