New Toyota Prius at 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show: New Toyota Prius makes its motor show debut

The new Toyota Prius made its first motor show appearance at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, which opened its doors on September 15.

The new Prius made its world premiere September 9 in Las Vegas. Its appearance at the motor show is its first showing to the general public and the first time its details have been released.

Toyota is saying that its new hybrid system is the next generation. It has announced that its system aims to make the Prius easier to drive.

At present, details on its engine specs haven’t been released. According to Toyota, the hybrid system responds quickly, smoothly and naturally regardless of accelerator position.

Naturally, the new Prius has improved fuel efficiency. Toyota’s next-gen hybrid system is more compact than the existing system. It also reflects the latest technology in its battery, motor and gasoline engine.

The battery is nickel hydride rather than lithium-ion. By raising the energy density, it’s capable of more power than other batteries of the same size and weight.

The motor is also bigger. The gasoline engine’s thermal efficiency is at its highest at 40%, improved over the current model’s 38%. Toyota says that as a result, it expects an 18% improvement over the current fuel efficiency for the European version.

(Translated by Greg Scott)