Daihatsu Cast

Daihatsu Cast Release: President Mitsui “New design process has shortened production time”

On September 9, Daihatsu announced that their all-new Cast featuring three model types will be released in succession starting on this day.

Daihatsu is projecting monthly sales of 5,000 units for their new mini car including the Sport trim, which goes on sale at the end of October. At a presentation ceremony held in Tokyo, President Masanori Mitsui said, “Along with advanced features, the new Cast was created with Daihatsu’s utmost design capabilities.”

Moreover, President Mitsui stated that a new “design process” was established from this new model. He said, “Our products will become available to consumers sooner by developing a variety of designs in advance based on market research.”

As a result, the duration from the final design to production is now only 10 months, a couple of months shorter than before. Though his aim was to build a “business model that responds quickly to customer needs” when he assumed the position in 2013, President Mitsui has made tremendous progress so far.”

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)