Suzuki Solio Bandit Hybrid MV

All-new Suzuki Solio Launch: Pursuing its “wideness,” its front & back directions were also widened

The interior of the all-new Suzuki Solio was designed particularly to pursue a wider space.

They plotted several designs to make it wider. First, they controlled the volume of the front and back directions of the instrument panel. Aside from its appearance, they also succeeded in reducing its size by 115mm compared to the previous generation model.

Then, they are also worked on the location of the meter. According to Yuji Eguchi of Suzuki Automobile Technology Headquarters Automobile Design Department Interior Division, “In the usual instrument panels, we do not often design it up to its interior (front) part. However, we mainly equipped the center meter on the center-top part of the instrument panel, so you can see that the interior space look different with this.”

Also, regarding the parts near the meter, he commented, “If the meter will be equipped to the lower part, the viewpoint would only stay lower, and when you equip the surrounding parts near the meter above, it will make you feel its depth so it would be more spacious.

And then, when you look at the instrument panel from above, the center part of the interior seems to have a mountain-like shape. For this reason, Eguchi said, “Rather than linking it horizontally like the previous generation Solio, it would be more spacious to design it with long strokes in a vertical direction so we took this molding method to feel the wideness.”

It doesn’t only apply with the horizontal direction; you can also feel its wideness on the front and back directions so it makes the interior space complete.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)