Suzuki Solio (left) and Solio Bandit (right)

New Suzuki Solio: The Solio is mild and the Bandit cool

Suzuki’s Solio, which has just undergone a full model change, is available in two models. The difference between the Solio and Solio Bandit is largely the difference in the front face and rear combination lamps.

Of the Solio, Suzuki developer Yutaka Yamada says, “The demographic is a little higher than that of the Bandit. The main target is families where the parents are in their 40s or 50s. So, while it’s sporty and sharp, it has a somewhat mild character that’s appropriate for families.”

The Bandit, he says, is aimed at young families where the parents are in their 20s, 30s or 40s. He says, “What these two demographics want is different so we separated the models based on their character.”

That difference in character is expressed mostly in the front area and the rear combination lamps. Basically, he says, “For the Solio, we made the headlights big and clear, accentuating their presence and resemblance to human eyes. There’s also a sense of continuity with the grille.” The rear combination lamps are red.

Of the Bandit, he says, “We made the headlamps long and fine to give them a cool look.” What enabled this was using LED headlights. The rear combination lamps were also designed with coolness in mind and have clear lenses.

(Translated by Greg Scott)