New Mitsuoka Galue press conference

New Mitsuoka Galue: New Galue sticks to the base model but does things its own way

Mitsuoka Motors has given the Galue its first major changes in five years, but it stays the course on the original basic concept with features like the large front grille and circular headlights.

Developer Takanori Aoki, who led the new Galue’s development, explained the key concept, saying, “Customers who drive the Galue or the Butte general don’t like when big changes are made to a car but it keeps the same name.”

On the other hand, he says, “As far as the character of the Galue, we wanted to go for an upper-middle range car rather than sticking to a regular sedan. Like its base model the Nissan Teana, we thinned out the cabin and gave it a wedge shape so that it’s more like a European luxury model.”

He says, “Our drivers want to feel young again, so we gave it a feeling like a stylish sedan or coupe.”

However, he says, in keeping with the design concept of doing things its own way, the Galue keeps the basics of the base model but has its own character. He says, “For the Teana, the rear bumper parting line is angular, but that didn’t work for the Galue, so we changed that and used sheet metal.”

The new Galue is its fifth generation model and it went on sale September 4. The price is 3,866,400 to 4,644,000 yen including tax.

(Translated by Greg Scott)